Maximillian ´╗┐Industries LLC is a company renowned for their ability to produce items consistently, on time, and with the type of vigor and modernity not often seen in this industry dominated by traditions.

The creator of multiple lines of naturally sourced and headline products, Maximillian Industries is best known as the creator of The Little Ugly Bottle brand of foot care products. A sort of panacea for foot issues and foot issue prevention, the Little Ugly Bottle line can be used to fight foot odor, itchy sweaty feet, athlete’s foot, blisters, and chafing. Although the Little Ugly Bottle products are currently sold exclusively through the Maximillian Industries website, plans are being implemented that will expand distribution by multiple factors.

In this vein, the technology department at Maximillian Industries is hard at work to develop separate ecommerce platforms for each brand of its brand of products. While the Maximillian-manufactured products will be the focus of these platforms, other relevant co-branded products will be admitted from a select group of retailers as well. This way, customers will have the chance to reach our offerings and to discover new products that they are likely to enjoy at the same time.

Meeting the highest ethical standards, Maximillian Industries is a company respected for its professionalism and expected among many experts to continue to grow in the coming years.

Anthony Miklaszewski

Inventor & CEO


Isabella Miklaszewski

Getting the Story out


Stanislaus Miklaszewski

Shipping & Website Management


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