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The Foot Odor Remedy found in The Little Ugly Bottle aids smelly, itchy, stinky feet and painful blisters. It contains the right combination of natural ingredients and medicinal supplements. You would have to separately purchase and apply a combination of powders, sprays and gels to even come close to getting the results you will experience with The Little Ugly Bottle

√ Are you tired of smelly, itchy, sweaty, tired, or blistered feet?

√ Sick of the horrified looks as you reach to take your shoes off?

√ Are you embarrassed to be in public with you foot odor problem?

The Little Ugly Bottle will be the last product you’ll ever have to buy for foot odor. Solve you Foot Odor problems today with “The Little Ugly Bottle” a proven remedy for just little money.


Fungal foot infection is sometimes called “Athletes Feet”.  It is one of the causes of foot odor. There is a new product that is proven to aid with your smelly feet issue. Having terrible smelling feet can be embarrassing as it often implies bad hygiene.

    The Little Ugly Bottle ( 4 Tubes)

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    • If you can follow these easy steps for at least 2 or 3 weeks, you will help your feet restore its proper balance and remain odor free!


      • Apply The Ugly Little Bottle 3 or 4 times weekly to keep the skin on your feet moist and supple
      • Wash your feet every day using antibacterial soap and water, dry thoroughly
      • Wear sweat absorbing socks that allows your feet to breathe. Cotton is acceptable
      • Wear shoes that properly fit – tight shoes may cause your feet to sweat
      • Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day
      • Washing sneakers will help kill odors. Make sure sneakers are completely dried before using
      • Go barefoot when you can – allow your feet to breathe in fresh air

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